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I am a quilter living in Woodbridge, Suffolk who has made quilts since I was a teenager. I also ring bells! Both are great British traditions....I will try to feature some of my antique Welsh and Durham quilts, the quilts I make myself, my quilting activities and also some of my bellringing achievements. Plus as many photos as I can manage. NB: Double click on the photos to see greater detail, then use back button to return to the main page.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Goodbye old car!!

I had a big problem - my trusty old VW Polo was not going to pass its MOT (road test) this year without a lot of money being spent on it....and even then....dubious......

I had this car for over ten years and it never let me had done over 170,000 miles....but it's now gone to the big scrap yard in the sky (aka Whip Street Motors in Ipswich)

and it has been replaced by a new smaller VW Up! The money that would have gone on the repairs went on the deposit for the new car. It seems very nice and the mileage per gallon/litre is much better. I just hope that it is as reliable as the black will also get me across to Wales next week - FOQ in August - and Burnley in October! Public transport is not good here in Suffolk, so I need a car for work.

I am delivering the quilts to Llanidloes on Sunday - going to the Wool Museum on Monday - visiting Jen Jones' shop and Museum on Tuesday. Back Tuesday night to work again on Wednesday. Of course I will take the camera and share the photos with you.

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  1. I'd love to be going to Jen Jones' shop! I've long admired welsh quilts and have tried to bid on a few on eBay ... Trouble is we (in Australia) are usually asleep when the auctions finish and I always just miss out! Thanks for sharing..Best regards Brigitte