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I am a quilter living in Woodbridge, Suffolk who has made quilts since I was a teenager. I also ring bells! Both are great British traditions....I will try to feature some of my antique Welsh and Durham quilts, the quilts I make myself, my quilting activities and also some of my bellringing achievements. Plus as many photos as I can manage. NB: Double click on the photos to see greater detail, then use back button to return to the main page.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Walk from Cwmtydu to New Quay - Ceredigion Coastal Path

On Friday, the weather being relatively dry, we were determined to go for a walk. The Farmer suggested the coastal walk, starting at Cwmtydu. Basically, you followed the nearest road, up to the coast!

There is a walk around much of the Welsh coast. The section we chose is hilly, especially for us flatlanders from Suffolk!

This is the little bay at Cwmtydu - before the advent of roads, all goods would have been landed in small bays such as this. And, this bay was often used by smugglers, who hid goods such as salt  and   brandy in caves until they could be taken inland by horseback.

The local sheep....

The port of New Quay was 4 miles away...a popular seaside resort town, but with active fisheries.

New Quay has an enclosed harbour and is a popular spot for dolphin, whale and seal watching trips.

Low tide when we were there...lunch was fish and chips with a crowd of seagulls watching us...

Followed by an ice cream....we were able to spot some seals basking on rocks as we walked back to Cymtydu.
Welsh ponies grazing. 

My trusty old walking boots, which have carried me many miles in several countries over many years, suddenly felt quite different while in New Quay.......while they had been OK with the flat walks in Suffolk, they had come apart completely at the toes during the climbs and descents of the Welsh hills. I'll have to use my new pair of boots now, even in muddy conditions!

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